Who Needs 3-D Design? 5 Reasons You Do

The world of design has developed over the years as more and more people strive to keep up with the latest trends. There has been an improved quality of work over time as more and more tools are being created to help in designing. The amount you pay for design work is not cheap, but the quality is worth it.

As a client, how can you avoid making any payments for design work that you don’t want? Making sure you are getting exactly what you want before having it built will go a long way.
3D has provided a chance for a person to understand and have a feel for a new design. Rather than relying on your imagination to see if the bathroom door is far away enough from the kitchen, 3D technology will let you visualize and walk through your home virtually before any designs or specs are approved.

Want to see how your living room will look like with different types of furniture?

Want a different type of window? Want to see the view from the window? Changed your mind on the number of windows?

3D model is a fast and efficient way to be part and parcel of the design process. When the architects work hand in hand with the clients showing him/her the different options available – the clients will be in a better position to make a choice that is perfect for them.

It has also become an industry standard and here are the five reasons why 3-D design can work for you.

It can be hard to understand 2-D floor plans and elevation

remodel-designVisualizing how the design will look from 2D floor plans can be hard. Looking at the 3-D design will give you a good picture of how it looks like. This will go a long way in helping you make any adjustments. You will also get the chance to try out different things. You will be more confident and comfortable when making the decisions since you won’t be second-guessing.

Designs do change and evolve in real time, during meetings with the architect

Having a meeting is one of the best ways you can get involved in the design process and ensure everything is well taken care of. A 3-D presentation can be a fly-through video or multiple perspectives view of the project. You will get the best view of the project of you go through room by room. This will enable you to make any changes and ensure you get what you pictured.

3-D helps cut down changes after construction has begun

Doing the necessary changes before the constructing will save you a lot of time and money. Until you see the design on 3-D and really understand how your space will look like, it will be hard to make changes.

Design review boards will generally have a positive response for presentations that include 3-D

3-D will show how the building relates to existing environment and neighbors home, and this will help you when seeking design approval. You can easily get the support of our neighbors because they will get to know how the building will feel compared to theirs.

Helps you avoid paying for work you don’t want

It is important to clearly understand the project before beginning any construction to get rid of unnecessary charges. You can ask the architect to help you identify features that can be adjusted to lower the cost.

There is a lot you can gain by using 3D design, but the main is making the process much easier.